BLACKJACK – My Wife Freaks Out Over This Session at the Casino!!!

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Super Insane Blackjack session at the casino in Las Vegas! JV plays high limit hands and a crazy 4 way split has Tanya on the edge of her seat! JV plays double deck Blackjack and utilizes basic 21 strategy for the best player odds. Don’t miss one his most exciting sessions ever!!! Thanks for watching.
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NOTE: Vegas Gamblers play live Blackjack with REAL money at a REAL casino. These are not simulation home games. We are not sponsored by any casino and play with our own money. ALL wins and losses are REAL.
We ALWAYS tip our dealer at the end of our 2 hour session win or lose. This can be seen on the last session of every filming day. Thank you.

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~ Tanya & JV

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BLACKJACK – My Wife Freaks Out Over This Session at the Casino!!!

10 thoughts on “BLACKJACK – My Wife Freaks Out Over This Session at the Casino!!!

  1. Thank goodness still a happy ending after that awful last hand 👏, that six is killing 😁😁! Take care n see u soon 🙏🙏🙏!

  2. Hey JV and fellow Blackjack players. I know of a good Blackjack tournament in Cali with a small buy in and a huge winner prize. Comment if anybody wants details

  3. I won 13 in a row once after being on a losing streak 😝😂 what are the odds of that?

  4. Why does it seem when the dealer shows a 2, that the probability of the dealer winning goes up? When I play it feels as if 90% of the time the dealer either wins or we push.

  5. Hello JV! Saw this session last night and was hoping you would bail out at $1,800, but $1,400 is still pretty good to leave at! Congrats on the winning session! Robert /:-)

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