Can I turn $100 into $100,000 in one Poker Tournament?

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I’m buying in to a $100 satellite to try and take my shot in the $2,200 buy in tournament! If I get in, we will be playing for $100,000 up top. Here’s how it went down! Subscribe to the channel.

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Can I turn $100 into $100,000 in one Poker Tournament?

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  2. what's going on with all those red dots on your face my guy? looks like herpes, should get that checked out no cap

  3. Dealt aces 6 times and still couldn’t win. Spraggy is the most unlucky poker player ever 😔😔😔

  4. I play 20 tournaments in my session and I get AA two times if im lucky, but sprogy gets AA 8times in one tournament in 2hour span, and still finishes 8th… Kappa i love spaigy

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