10 thoughts on “Dana White Wins Incredible $120,000 Double Down On Blackjack At Red Rock Las Vegas! #danawhite

  1. Love to see you win Dana because I see you blessing everyone with your winnings! Stay Blessed!

  2. Show his losses , he’ll be broke in 5 years I’m sure , keep gambling fraud !

  3. 😂😂 lol this is for him like $120 dollars 💵 not $120k seriously when you make to much money or you have to much you don’t think twice at all you play like it is normal think to put down $120k
    Anyways I like Dan there for I wish him even more success in his UFC fights and his gambling
    Please Dan and everybody that is out there gambling please be safe and extra carful especially people that average people that work hard for there money 💴 and have family and kids be careful gambling can ruin your life and families not worth it.

  4. That’s like us gambling $6.. that’s no risk for Dana that just keeps him a little sane

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