Deck Penetration in Card Counting

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One of the most overlooked elements of beating blackjack with card counting is “the cut”, or deck penetration. We discuss what it is, how it works, and how to use it to your advantage to make more money as a card counter!

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Deck Penetration in Card Counting

10 thoughts on “Deck Penetration in Card Counting

  1. When you have a shot of "cutting the deck" as the call it, then you definitely want to cut to as close to an edge as possible without getting suspect?

  2. So what happens if they reach the yellow card mid round? Or how soon do they reshuffle before reaching the yellow card?

  3. Deck penetration is huge. Cutting off 2 decks is an awful game. Anything thing worse, don’t play.

  4. Hello guys!! A guy told me that card counting doesn't work anymore & casinos know about it. Is it truth??

  5. So.. because of deck penetration, the running count is never 100% accurate? So if you start the running count at 0, it won’t end on zero?

  6. Mr Colin Jones, even if you know card counting and everything in blackjack if you do not get the good cards when they are dealt you still lose

  7. QUESTION???? in Wendover its all single deck. If the count is high after the first hand is dealt is it mathematically smart to raise your bet on the 2nd deal even if the count is only 2 or 3 You cant wait for the 3rd deal bc the dealer always shuffles if the count is high. If they deal a 3rd round its bc the count is D! Sometimes they lose the count and will deal a 3rd or 4th round with a high count, but it's rare. swear all the dealers count unless you distract em

  8. So with a deck penetration, if you’re playing 6 deck and they “penetrate” to where there’s only 4 decks that will be being dealt, should you base your true count division off of 4 decks now instead of the 6 since the full 6 aren’t going to be played?

  9. Hallo Guys. I am from Poland and I am looking for online blackjack. What i have noticed is that casinos cut their decks in half. As You said this game is not worth playing. Can you recommend the casino online for me and others? Is there any?

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