Poker Strategy: Turning a Flush, to Lead or Slowplay

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CLP subscriber Squishmytomato calls in with a hand where he turned a flush against a tight pro and debated leading or playing his hand slow.

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Poker Strategy: Turning a Flush, to Lead or Slowplay

8 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Turning a Flush, to Lead or Slowplay

  1. Bart
    looking at the hand from the villian's point of view, if she has a set, is the raise post flop correct? should the sizing be such to give a flush draw a slightly incorrect price to peel? Should her decision to raise change if she has 10s vs. midlle or lowest set.

  2. Shes playing all right. Once the flop raise received no fold back to back with the unfavorable turn card, folding on the turn bet is ok. However, i think she only had JJ or QQ, not a set.

  3. A good player like your said can and should fold when the are behind, bet hard when they are ahead.

  4. So, how about the possibility of tight pro villain (correctly) deduced that hero is having a non bluffing range with the line he went for here (called the big flopraise, then leads big when the most obvious draw comes in), and made a very good (correct) laydown with a set? Like, is hero taking this line with anything else than a flush against a tight pro who for sure have a nutted range when she raises the flop deepstacked?

    I woudnt rule out the possibility that our hero got pretty owned here by the tight pro, because he is playing his hand in a faceup manner, basically showing any decent hand reader that he have a flush with the line he is taking. If i was in villains shoes, i would sigh fold a set on the turn here without any problems at all with described dynamics and history,because i think hero is on an exclusively nutted range. We have to ask ourself if we really can allow ourself to play our hand in such faceup manner, AND expect to get maximum pay off against a decent (pro) villain. I am not sure we can to be honest.

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