Best CRAPS strategy | Buy the 4 and 10

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strategy submitted by midnight madness. its a buy the 4/10 and look to parlay the first hit and come down with big profits.
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Best CRAPS strategy | Buy the 4 and 10

10 thoughts on “Best CRAPS strategy | Buy the 4 and 10

  1. Great video! Would you make any modifications to this strategy? I am eager to test this out soon.

  2. I think the casino takes enough money from us all, think the 4 and 10 should be free to place imo

  3. Great video… I like the idea… I think you're missing the "vig"… It should be $5 for each $100 .. when you hit, you are adding $200 + the Base $100 so you should add $15 for the vig

  4. Thank you Press for trying out my strategy. Of course if you had not collected on that 4 and waited on that 10 you would of ended up with $200 profit (minus the vigs of course) lol good throws!
    I rewatched the video, and would have made $200 profit minus $90 in vigs for a $110 profit. I'm checking to see what my midnight madness strategy would have done. Will up date later. Thanks again!
    Ok ran the other 2 strategies I usually play at the same time as the 410 madness to off set each other. My midnight madness would have made $1200 profit but few people have what it takes to play that one because if you had not hit any 12's it would have been a $1950 loss. The third strategy I can not be sure of because I could not tell if there were any hard 8's thrown. Assuming there were not then it would have been a $300 loss for that one.
    So playing all 3 like I usually would, I would of had $1010 profit. Not bad for 45 throws. Again, thank you for throwing this for me!! Great job!

  5. Nice to see the new addition of the Overhead Camera!!!! šŸ’„āš”ļøšŸ’„šŸ“ø
    Iā€™m guessing a few tweaks are still in the works for keeping the 2 different camera videos in sync? šŸ˜‰ but Fun stuff!!!

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