9 thoughts on “Craps Hawaii — Tony’s Savior Strategy (Viewer Submitted)

  1. My read on the table is ALL ISLANDS , buy hard ways with winnings Like the new camera angle

  2. View is just like we are there with you, thanks. Hint: I know you make the call but could you not throw dice into corner, can't see dice sometimes. (Keep bumping my head on screen trying to see along the wall, lol.)

  3. Hi Mel! I like this one. I usually play the inside numbers and grit my teeth whenever a 4 or 10 hits, which as you say always seems to happen a lot when you don't have a bet on them. That is the irony of the game. I might add a level to this strategy. Once the initial bets are paid for and you are at max press on the 6 and 8, I'd take a hit or two as profits then I'd be inclined to put two units each on the 5 and 9 and then press them up to 4 units each on subsequent hits. Then same bet until the hand ends. If you have a good shooter and you are in profit you could play around with prop bets or you could start pressing the 4 and 10. The possibilities are endless. I'm liking the new camera angle, by the way. Great video, as always! 👍

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