14 Beginner Poker Tips – Avoid These Costly Mistakes (2021)

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Here are my top 14 beginner poker tips that you absolutely need to know for today’s games.

These are the top beginner poker tips that I wish I knew about when I was first starting out in poker.

You can save yourself some serious time, and money, by avoiding all of the same beginner mistakes that I made!

The 14 beginner poker tips that I mention in this video will help you quickly starting creating consistent profits for yourself at the poker tables.

Did any of these beginner poker tips help you? Are there any that I missed?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Here Are My Top 14 Beginner Poker Tips – Avoid These Common Mistakes

1) Be Selective With the Hands You Play

You must play relatively tight in order to consistently win as a poker beginner.

2) Be Aggressive With the Hands You Play

You must play aggressively both before the flop and after the flop in order to beat small stakes games.

3) Play Against Bad Poker Players

This is probably my most important beginner poker tip of all. You must play against bad players in order to win.

4) Don’t Bluff Too Much

Try to avoid bluffing too much versus all the bad players

5) Make Lots of Value Bets

You need to be betting any time you have a good hand like middle pair, top pair or better.

6) Play Within Your Bankroll

Make sure you have at least 30 full buyins if you play cash games or 100 full buyins if you play tournaments.

7) Make Sure You Know the Poker Hand Rankings

It is extremely important for poker beginners to know the poker hand rankings by memory.

8) Don’t Chase Draws Too Much

An important beginner poker tip is to avoid chasing flush draws and straight draws too much. Sometimes you should just fold.

9) Don’t Play High Stakes

If you are a poker beginner you should avoid high stakes games.

10) Don’t Play Too Many Poker Tables

If you are brand new to online poker I would recommend playing just one table for now.

11) Know Your Position at the Poker Table

One of my top poker beginner tips is to always know your position at the poker table. The button is the best spot to be!

12) Use a Poker Tracking Program

I have used the PokerTracker HUD for nearly 10 years now and recommend it for all serious players (link above).

13) Invest In Your Poker Knowledge

You can quickly improve with poker books or poker video courses (my recommended ones below).

14) Have Fun!

It is important to always remember why you started playing poker in the first place, to have fun!

Don’t ever let the bad beats wear you down.

My top beginner poker tip is to always have a smile on your face, because poker is a crazy, but fun, game πŸ™‚


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Thank you for watching. All the best at the poker tables πŸ™‚

– Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams

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14 Beginner Poker Tips – Avoid These Costly Mistakes (2021)

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  2. #3 is almost blasphemy to a lot of dudes online. Like okay everyone, enjoy spending 30 hours a week studying solved output so that you can beat 50 blitz on ACR for 1-2 bb/100 against a bunch of 20/17’s

  3. Hi Nathan do you have a training site exclusively for micro stakes $5 $10 ($16 on PokerStars) and then moving up to the $25. I'm transitioning from the $2 onto the $5 for this weekend with 67 Buy-ins. If I lose 5 buy-ins this weekend I'm going to drop back down to the $2 to grind it back up and take another shot.

    Also, I'm trying to buy books or looking into books and I have your free one and read it twice over. I'm looking into buying your second book today. I'm just preparing for the $10 game now and not when I get there.

    I'm starting to take my study time very seriously now. I play and then I study well not really study I'm just watching YouTube videos but looking into furthering my knowledge. I know you mentioned UpSwing Lab. But that's way too much out of my cash flow right now.

    I've looked into Poker Coaching $100 is not that bad. But I think I'd rather learn from a play that plays at the same stakes that I'm playing at.

    Like you for instance. You're there and a winning player. How should I go about this??

  4. Once lost a $2 buy in to you 10 years ago. AA>KK Thanks a lot pal. Hope you enjoyed that beer. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

  5. dude i envy you living in thailand! how is it, how much money do they rob off you for the visa and all the paperworks stuff? πŸ˜‰ im planning to go live in asia aswell but i heard thailand just wrecks the bankroll :S

    great videos !

  6. Just purchased your book and wanted to thank you for the awesome content without any nonsense. Great stuff on here as well.

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