Divorce Court: Adrienne vs. Nicholas – Bankruptcy

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Divorce Court – Adrienne vs. Nicholas – Bankruptcy – Season 17 Episode 105 – Full Episode
This spouse says that her mate’s compulsive gambling has caused her to file for bankruptcy. Will she lay her cards on the table and leave him for good?

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Divorce Court: Adrienne vs. Nicholas – Bankruptcy

10 thoughts on “Divorce Court: Adrienne vs. Nicholas – Bankruptcy

  1. Cool video, My relationship of 5 years ended a month ago. The love of my life decided to leave me, I really love her so much I can’t stop thinking about her, I’ve tried my very best to get her back in my life, but to no avail, I’m frustrated, I don’t see my life with anyone else. I’ve done my best to get rid of the thoughts of her, but I can’t, I don’t know why I’m saying this here, I really miss her and just can’t stop thinking about her

  2. So he's treating her like his personal 🏧 2yrs of playing Blackjack and YOU…😅

    GIRL BYE!!!

  3. A lot of ppl "garnish their drinks in the morning. Screwdrivers, bloody Marys, mimosas …… they're called "eye openers" bartenders know this😂

  4. When he said she is just a tenant. Thats all I needed to know. He is abusing her financially. She needs to run. He could put her out & take all her money.

  5. Ladies always have a key to the door. Keep your money separate from your BF or Husband & have peace.

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