Five Blackjack Hands You Are Playing Wrong!

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Gambling author, and blackjack expert, Henry Tamburin, gives details on the five most misplayed hands in the game. Some of the topics covered include: a pair of 9’s against a 9 or 10, 16 against a 10; 12 against a 3, soft 18 against a 9 or 10; and a pair of 8’s against a 10. Henry analyzes each hand and explains what the proper decision is for each situation. Note: this is an edited version of a video originally released in April 2013.

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Five Blackjack Hands You Are Playing Wrong!

10 thoughts on “Five Blackjack Hands You Are Playing Wrong!

  1. This is great advice. I wish more people learned basic strategy before they played, or at least had a basic strategy chart with them

  2. Can we include A-8 vs 6 as an honorable mention? Rarely do players double down on this hand. Even worse, whenever I double down on my A-8, at least one other player (and occasionally the dealer) will criticize or question my play. I don't take it personally, I just whip out the old basic strategy card and relish their reaction.

  3. This is just alot of bs. This guy lost a ton of money playing blackjack and passes himself off as an expert to sell books. Some of the dumbest things I've ever heard.

  4. How is taking Even Money and insuring a pair of 10's not part of this list? I see this happen a lot more often than most of the 5 listed here.

  5. That 16 with 3 or more cards catches almost everyone. They all want to always hit or stay on all 16s no matter what

  6. Good advice on playing these hands. I gave up playing blackjack many years ago, since I got tired of being beat by the dealer so often. I would have 19 or 20, then she would turn over 3, 4, 5 or 6 cards, and it wouldn't be 19 or 20 – it would be 21 almost every time. Seems very hard to win against 6 decks, even using basic strategy.

  7. I think you missed on I am a casino dealer for a very long time and the most misplayed hand I see no matter what betting level is 33 against a dealer 7 up card very few people split this hand and even the most experienced players don’t slit the threes against a 7

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