Craps Master Journey Strategy Build: Part 1

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What’s up Everyone!

In this video, I rolled out the Phase 4 Strategy from Joe at Craps Master Journey

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Craps Master Journey Strategy Build: Part 1

2 thoughts on “Craps Master Journey Strategy Build: Part 1

  1. Thanks for rolling it out Chris. You did a great job explaining the strategy and I do like your suggestions. The original premise of the strategy is to survive long enough to get a good roll which I think the phase 4 does do. I found that it takes about 5-8 hits to really start making bank which is why I collect those first few hits. Originally, I took my DP down after the 3rd hit, but later versions I left it up. Not sure which is better. It sure was a colllllld table though. Lol. Looking forward to the next rollout. 👍

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