10 thoughts on “For $20,000 Blackjack

  1. If you had taken the next 2 cards you would have had 21 ,an unbeatable hand. Lol.

    This is not how you show an example of “letting the dealer bust “ in this example the dealer had 4 shots to beat you (after they flipped a 9 )

    Show a 6v5 where the dealer flips big ,big shows truly how the odds work and how it often works . In this scenario you wouldn’t have “taken the dealers bust card “

    Plus who thinks “my chance to double “ with a hard 16.

    All in all this video makes less and less sense and does little to push the. Narrative that you are a blackjack expert

  2. When you play alone your suppose to hit that 16 because its majority 5 or below if you have people at the table always stay

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