How to Play Blackjack

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Learn to play blackjack with basic blackjack rules and tips how to increase chance of winning (decrease casino edge) –

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How to Play Blackjack

10 thoughts on “How to Play Blackjack

  1. Great video, I know I will be checking this out more often, since I don't know how to play, lol

  2. Though I knew the basic rules of Blackjack, it is interesting to learn the other terminology used in the game. Thank you for this.

  3. I've always loved to play blackjack, this video gave me some good tips on how to better my game!

  4. A scientist reveals the true secret to the game of blackjack, google "Blackjack Secret Code" and set yourself free from the system of slavery setup by the central banks of the world.

  5. Nice video but you can learn more strategies about blackjack if you look up 'blackjack secret code'.

  6. It is NOT a blackjack after you have split the aces!!! It's just 21 only and you should be paid 1:1, instead of 3:2 should you win.

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