Poker Strategy: Are We Sizing Too Big For Value?

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In this hand we flop a set on a monotone board and bet the flop, but do we bet too big?

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Poker Strategy: Are We Sizing Too Big For Value?

6 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Are We Sizing Too Big For Value?

  1. One mistake leads to another…

    Should have limped in pre-flop, bet 1/2 pot flop and give yourself a chance to get away on the turn and river. Hero should have lost something like $100 instead of getting stacked…

  2. i agree with limping here. I don't raise my low pairs from the first 3 seats in 1-3.(almost no one is paying attention) You could argue a fold from blind first to act. But once there is 125/150 in pot. On flop, if you find a way to save money with the player next to act who has 175 left? God bless you. It looked like you set yourself up to say I have a set Im never folding…Im not sure what the correct play is on flop. Ideas anyone?

  3. As played pre he should’ve bet $80 on flop so there’s $275 in the pot and he has $300 behind and jam turn. He can get value from Ackx or AxKc this way imo. But you’d be in this spot anyway

  4. Thanks Bart. So articulate compared with that other big player trainer fro live at the bike

  5. I would definitly not have raised preflop. However as played I like Heros fastplay. We will regularly be behind to a flush, but we still have 34% equity against it, and we only need 43% to break even, so its not the end of the world. And you don’t want to slowplay in a situation like this only to lose at showdown to 88 with the 8 of clubs, because another club came on the river.

  6. Haha I was pondering whether or not someone would call with 88 with a club, and also imagined Bart responding to me like " uhhhhh nope nobody is calling with 88 with 8 of clubs" and then he said that….

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