Identity V Blackjack Tips 4 Everyone :]

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Cum play blackjack wif me
(I am playing coordinator for almost every clip here but I have her Kirigiri skin on, in case u had trouble recognizing which survivor that was)

Sorry for the lag in the video I gotta fix my damn OBS settings 😐 for now just deal with it bro…

I stole the Joseph picture from my buddy Grime I hope he doesn’t mind! Lol!

BTW When i say “Switch Card” I’m talking about the Exchange Card, same idea basically. Its the one where you switch/exchange one of your random card with another person’s random cards. If you do decide to use one of these cards I don’t recommend using it on the hunter or the person with 21 (if you have less than 21). Unless you have to.

About decoders: I didn’t mention them in the video cuz i’ve never played as one in BJ but they seem like a somewhat popular choice. I personally don’t recommend it since you are definitely going to have to kite and no ones going to protect you. The hunter will specifically target you because you’re a much easier kill than the other popular picks, so even tho ur decoding is faster and you can get shop points quicker ur gonna be spending most of your time healing yourself or kiting the hunter. I recommend buying the acceleration thing in the shop to help your kites if you do decide to play decoder.

Oh yeah and if someone gets 21 and theres like 4 or 5 people (including me) still alive, I don’t bother going after the person with 21 because I’m positive the hunter and the other survivors are targetting them. I just spend my time decoding relaxing knowing that the hunter won’t be teleporting on me heh heh. Unless you’re hunter then get their ass!!! But if you’re survivor and you’re nervous about them ending the round with 21 and/or the person with 21 comes near you then you should try to do something.

Also another random thought but perfect calibrations don’t give you extra points. If anything I would try not to do perfect calibrations because you’ll end up with 98/97 points after finishing a full cipher rather than 100. It counts cuz theres been so many times where I was desperate for something to help me and i only had 198 points and couldn’t afford a discard card.

Have fun playing BJ in idv!!! If you see me in BJ on NA/EU say hi but I’m still gonna beat ur ass!!! Also I change my name a lot so if you ever see any weird names on IDV that are probably Eli related then maybe it’s me! Idk!!

Heres my art twitter even tho I rarely upload art on there. Lol.

(BTW If you’re here from my subscribers and youre like WTF IS THISSS THIS ISNT DANGAN RONPA ANIMATIC WHAT THE FUUCK ummm this is identity v … dont play it please… but i will be uploading a big idv animatic compilation soon so when I upload that you can pretend it dangan ronpa characters or something :|….)

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Identity V Blackjack Tips 4 Everyone :]

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