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The single number elimination system involves betting on straight up numbers by following the lists provided in the video. All bets on the lists runs in the direction from left to right. Example: If the last outcome on the wheel was number 32, You eliminate number 32 from the list, which in this case is the middle column & the first bet on the list would be number 35, Your 2nd number would be 2, Then 5, 8, 11 & so on. When betting on a target number, You would stay on that number until you have a win, Before moving onto your next target number on the list. The betting progression is very simple, You basically bet 1 chip on your target number for 35 spins. The idea is to get two wins during 35 spins. But I highly recommend that you restart the entire progression as soon as you hit a new profit…Even if it’s only 1 chip profit. This is a very effective strategy to help make you some decent profits. I hope you guys enjoy the video. & If there is anything you still don’t fully understand after watching the video, Please feel free to leave your questions in the comments, & I will be happy to assist you in any way that I can.

However, I Must Mention That Roulette Is A Risky & Unpredictable Game, & Should Never Be Played With Money That You CAN’T Afford To Lose. Always Play Responsibly.

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Single number elimination roulette strategy | Roulette Boss

10 thoughts on “Single number elimination roulette strategy | Roulette Boss

  1. Bear in mind watching this video that this is being played in practice or demo mode. Let's see how well this strategy works using real money in real play!

  2. I still have a question though. What is your Plan when you play the final number and can't reach the planned win? Do you accept your loss?

  3. Thank you for the strategy 😁!!!!! Betting on a single number to come its really amazing but also very risky…..more than 350 spins delay:(

  4. Interesting strategy thumbs up!
    This strategy should work on real play as long as the wheel isn't bias
    playing this app I'm sure it will work in real play

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