$ Million Dollar Blackjack Bets pokerstars vr

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betting tho much money in blackjack 50k too 2.5 million dollars hope I win
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$ Million Dollar Blackjack Bets pokerstars vr

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  1. This might sound kinda weird to ask here but I have an oculus quest 2 and when I try to load up this game it takes forever to load and even at the title screen it blinks in and out of loading even when I finally get into the game it keeps randomly loading any advice on how to stop this?

  2. 11 or lower always hit anything after it’s either hit or double down or stand depending on the dealers hand if you have 16 and someone at the table has 20 and dealer has 3 dealer will hit for 13 then bust it’s pretty rigged if you have 18 and the dealer has 10 he usually hits for 20 everytime sometimes bust it’s all luck on the hand ur have

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