4 thoughts on “Roulette System – How to Find the Bias of the Roulette Wheel

  1. Im sorry to say that, but if you would make profit from your system you wouldnt need to do this here 😉 By the way, there is not a single biased wheel anywhere. Because most of the roulettewheel manufactors build in so called leveling devices, which are computer controlled and tilt the wheelheads level different, or, regulate the deceleration rate of it from spin to spin. Its sold under: "Another factor that makes the roulette outcome unpredictable giving it more randomness and reducing the risk of dealers signature." So, all spins are observed and processed in live and in real time. If you would know how these systems work, and how they influence the game, I wonder if one could take advantage of it, but I guess its hard to find that trigger. Dont waste your time on this, you wont make any profit at all. Youre better off if you just open an online casino, if you are privileged enough.

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