Sodapoppin betting big in Blackjack with Andy!

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Sodapoppin betting 500$ Then 1500$ will he win? Will he lose? Find out here! Subscribe for your Daily Dose Of Highlights ๐Ÿ˜‰
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Sodapoppin betting big in Blackjack with Andy!

10 thoughts on “Sodapoppin betting big in Blackjack with Andy!

  1. online dealing is truly better..jesus just talk and you don't even need to handle the chips.

    I work in the casino..the players always complain about my lack of service..BUT DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT I HAVE TO DO 24-7??????

    I have to look around, search around, for any incorrect bets
    during the game..have to look around to see if ppl put phones or passes chips around (BCLC requires)
    during the game..a supervisor eyes me like a hawk on a sheep. (tension raises!)
    during the game..have to calculate the cards,
    during the game..have to see if all chips are place accurately, and no body is cheating
    after the hand..have to give out the chips.

    and to have to do all this bad..AND ALSO TO GIVE customer like putting a gun to my head. I rather be shot!

  2. With the dealer only getting one card and it being a ten, it almost makes more sense to always stay when you have 15 or 16. If you get the 5 or 6, those are cards the dealer needed to bust. If you get a ten, the dealer would have made 20 anyway. Seems like an odd component.

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