Isildur1 makes UNBELIEVABLE Call for $1.2 Million!

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Viktor Bloom a.k.a Isildur1 is heads up for the championship of the PartyPoker Live Main Event in Germany and is facing a huge all in from his opponent Pavel. This is the one of Isildur’s top biggest pots. I walk you through my step by step process in this epic Hand of the Day. What should Viktor Isildur1 Blom do when facing this huge river bet? This is definitely one of the best poker hands ever so feel free to share your thoughts below.

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Isildur1 makes UNBELIEVABLE Call for $1.2 Million!

10 thoughts on “Isildur1 makes UNBELIEVABLE Call for $1.2 Million!

  1. Shouldn't Qd7d be part of his check folding range and if he had Jhx or 10hx that should be in his bluffing range? Ideally?

  2. Anyone here just fast forward this analysis and just watch the video?

  3. Are we saying he can't have A-J of hearts because he didn't re-raise preflop? Because A-J of hearts certainly could get to the river the same way.

  4. I feel like Alec said he's only shoving with a flush and then proceeded to say he's checking all of his flushes on the river… which actual hands is he shoving with?? I think the better point is that he's three betting a lot of suited Aces preflop, and he can't have a suited King here.
    I also think it's worth asking are there any flush draws that Pavel would consider check-raising the turn with? Both Alec and the commentator dismissed a raise on the turn but I see myself raising some of my flush draws including ones with a pair, kinda like Pavel's hand lol. Why is that such a bad play? You can be repping a two pair or J10 for value, which if your opponent doesn't fold you can bet the river and hopefully get a fold from his mediocre hands, and you also have a hand that has about 14 outs to actually become (probably) the best hand, meaning another bet on the river for value.

  5. would love to see durrr and Isildurr play a live cash game on the same table. PokerafterDark or HSP Make it happen. Would be legendary.

  6. I dont know but the better way to make a video is to talk a little. That's why personally I dont like Doug Polk videos..he explains too much and the timing of explanations is too irksome..

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