Super Times Pay Super Stacks 5-Play Video Poker! Session #3

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Steve and Matt Bourie from the American Casino Guide book, play five-play, 9/5 Double Double Bonus video poker at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida. They are on a 25-cent machine, betting a total of $12.50 each time they push the deal button and their initial buy-in is $500.

Super Times Pay Super Stacks is a five-play video poker with random multipliers and bonus hands. We play Double Double Bonus, which is a volatile game, plus there’s even more volatility because of the multipliers and extra hands that are randomly awarded. Can we come out ahead on this game?

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9 thoughts on “Super Times Pay Super Stacks 5-Play Video Poker! Session #3

  1. if a straight only pays 4 times your bet why do you go for inside straights when it's over 10-1 to hit?

  2. Awesome channel and great video! Favorite poker game and bet with only $100 budget?

  3. Perhaps you should explain the game in a less loud environment so people actually could hear and understand what you are saying?

  4. My biggest issue with video poker vs any other game (and maybe I'm just not seeing it) but the bet sizes don't make sense. in the video it says bet per hand 10 – but every time you draw it subtracts $12.50…

    Edit – nevermind, I got it. quarters, bet 10 per hand, 2.50, 5 hands = 12.50. Top screen is for the bonus hands, got it got it. Cheers!

  5. Those half slot half VP machines are for entertainment. Much better off playing traditional VP like JOB or Bonus.

  6. "We'd be creaming this game if we were getting good hand along with the multiplier". Well……yea.

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