The $20 Million Phil Ivey Baccarat “Cheating” Scandal/What Happened in “The Baccarat Machine” Case?

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Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, interview casino consultant Bill Zender to discuss the $20 Million Phil Ivey baccarat “cheating” scandal.

They recap what happened, according to published reports, and they also get extra “behind the scenes” details from Zender about the situation.

Zender specializes in table game protection for casinos, and he gives detailed information on exactly how Ivey and his gambling partner, Cheung Yin Sun (Kelly Sun), were able to win more than $20 million by edge-sorting at the game of baccarat.

They also explain how the situation was resolved with a series of lawsuits over the course of six years. And, finally, Zender gives his professional opinion as to whether or not “cheating” was involved, or if the win was legitimate by using advantage playing methods against the casinos.

00:00 Video introduction
00:55 Introduction to Bill Zender and his background in casino gambling
04:25 Confirming the public facts
06:47 How edge sorting works
10:45 How they used edge sorting to their advantage
13:30 The math behind how they made their money
20:21 The results of the court cases
22:00 Were they actually “cheating”?

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The $20 Million Phil Ivey Baccarat “Cheating” Scandal/What Happened in “The Baccarat Machine” Case?

10 thoughts on “The $20 Million Phil Ivey Baccarat “Cheating” Scandal/What Happened in “The Baccarat Machine” Case?

  1. If casino use the same card deck to take money from players when they lost, they should pay the players when they won. How is that cheating?

  2. I read about this case on a number of occasions. I always felt as if the Borgata was wrong to go after Phil Ivey for the money knowing that he and his partner only exploited a defect with the playing cards they decided to use. I too side with what the consultant Bill Zender. I too think they were employing advantage play that gave the players the advantage. This was a loaded and outstanding interview. I can’t wait to see the later ones you have with Mr. Zender.

  3. When you break it down to the nuts and bolts phil ivey basically thought he was going to rape a casino for 11 million dollars and get away with it. no matter what logic he thought he was going to use to get away with it he was wrong and im glad the judge slapped him down. phil is smarter than this so i hope he learned his lesson about trying to win the easy way. totally lost respect for ivey after this whole debacle.

  4. Not a baccarat player so didn't understand ALL of this totally. But – enjoyed it just the same.

  5. Burden of Proof.
    Criminal is Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. The highest standard.
    Civil is Clear and Convincing Evidence.
    Civil is Preponderance of Evidence.
    Similar to the OJ Simpson Murder Trial. It did not meet the Criminal but it did meet the Civil.

  6. The casinos are the biggest bunch of sore losers and they only want to steal your money but when it comes time to pay your money they will figure out any angle not to pay you and that is true for slot machines that hit jackpot or in this case Phill Ivey who put out all of his conditions and they agreed to every one of them because they thought they were so clever and smart that they were still going to beat him no matter what so when a casino agrees to every condition and loses and then doesn’t want to pay they should be the ones that get sued not the other way around and for him to have lost a court decision just goes to show you how corrupt and some judge got paid off because there is no other explanation why Phil Ivy should’ve lost that court decision, none at all there is no justice if that is the case! I’ve seen it firsthand myself!

  7. Does these guys work for the casinos ? that the question!. It’s not the fault of the player on the cards that the casinos plays! So why is American casino saying cheating? Ivy got screwed period ! I’m willing to bet that judge got paid!

  8. The fact that phil made all the requests and they agree. Makes this very easy. They handed him the game cause he flash a big bank roll and got caught slipping.

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