TRIPLE Donk Bet??? (Weird Poker Hand)

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The caller in the hand 3 bets preflop and then is donk lead into on all three streets post flop and faces a HUGE decision when he rivers top pair. The actual hand played is here:

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TRIPLE Donk Bet??? (Weird Poker Hand)

10 thoughts on “TRIPLE Donk Bet??? (Weird Poker Hand)

  1. How often would you see an opponent donk lead into you as the preflop raiser with a set on a king high board?

  2. i got it right , A BLUFF ! , If he had AK he would check call or raise the flop , then bet the river. Never lead.

  3. finally a caller thats actually trying to learn and agree with what bart's said
    very refreshing to see

  4. With my experience, i would say that live players tend to donk bet with their flush draw !

  5. Sometimes poker talk is annoying. Like bro I’m not listening to you guys talk about 4 5 suited lol

  6. This seems like a misleading title. It makes it sound like the guy lead out every street after getting raised on the previous street.

  7. sometimes when you're in a spot when you have all-in equity on the turn but choose to call….then face a river all-in with a card that didn't complete your hand, you still have to call…

    also 1st reads are right very often…flush draw has to go thru your mind anytime someone donks… so you can't necessarily get off that read because of continued aggression when the flush hasn't come…that's really #1 bluff at low stakes…flush draws…not often is someone all-in on river with missed gunshot draw.

  8. I once read that whenever your opponent takes a line that makes no sense you should err on the side of calling. V donkbets 3 streets into a 3bet pot that entirely favors hero's range. That is the worst possible river to bluff at and yet he does it anyway so hero makes the rational play and folds. You just have to realize sometimes your opponent may not even know the rules to the game. If they dont know what they're doing then your hand value increases exponentially. I'm sure I would have taken hero's line and folded because "he CANT be bluffing, what kind of guy bluffs here?!" but I digress.

  9. This comes down to last 2 hands of the night the villain knew hero didn't want to stack off and not get it back. It's the perfect time to just rip especially when you think you're drawing live. If hero raises on the flop I wonder if he would have been ready to call the villains jam.

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