10 thoughts on “The 444 Gambling System, by Al “The Professor” Kaufman

  1. Highly edited content. Notice the rolls are the same.
    But… I've watched live play and used this system, it does work.
    Also in my online game it worked.

  2. OMG. How do people not understand that if the house has an edge on each bet, it's irrelevant how much you bet and when????

  3. Try this system on WizardofOdds.com and see how you do. 🙂 Its free to see if its a good system or not. Bankroll it starts with is 10,000. Its under Play For Fun tab. Find craps then click. 🙂

  4. she rolls six numbers and the next roll is the dreaded point seven-out. No. Its not a point seven out. Just by saying that he is an guy.

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