The #1 Mistake Poker Players Make

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Ian Steinman is the talk of the town, as he recently made an unbelievable fold against Joe McKeehan at the WPT Rolling Thunder final table. This is the sort of play that makes poker fans go wild, but sometimes it teaches the wrong lesson. What’s the difference between a big play and great play? The distinction ties in to the #1 biggest mistake poker players make.

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The #1 Mistake Poker Players Make

10 thoughts on “The #1 Mistake Poker Players Make

  1. I had KK and bet $60 before the flop. Other player call with a 4J flop comes 8 4 10 I bet $100 player calls turn is a 2 I bet $100 the players calls the river is a J I go all in and he calls and I lose.

  2. But if he makes the wrong play correctly just that one time and then makes the right play correctly in general statistics….

    .. would that mean the wrong play is the right play and the better player makes the better desicions?

    If only there were a way to prove this guy has any consistency, like winning the main

  3. Important video. It’s making the correct mathematical decisions (in combination with reading players and types of players playing against) that over time that make winning players. Just because folding KK in this spot was right in this particular hand, that doesn’t make it the correct play over the long run. McKiKi’s range of bluffs is wider than having Q10 or AA in this hand.

  4. This fold is just beautiful. And it's impossible to say he would make significant mistakes in other situations later on based off of this play. And yes, live reads and explotative play is a thing that excist that simply can't be factored out entirely. Especially in judging some one elses plays in a situation you were not in.

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