The Five Biggest Blackjack Myths with Blackjack Expert Henry Tamburin

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In this video, blackjack expert, Henry Tamburin, gives details on the five biggest blackjack myths. Topics covered include: the dealer always has a 10 as his hole card; after several consecutive losses you are due to win; progressive betting makes you win; always stand on 12 versus a dealer’s 2; and taking even-money when dealt a blackjack. Henry analyzes each situation and explains why the myths persist about these situations.

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The Five Biggest Blackjack Myths with Blackjack Expert Henry Tamburin

10 thoughts on “The Five Biggest Blackjack Myths with Blackjack Expert Henry Tamburin

  1. Obviously taking the even money over the long term is less but sometimes I take that even money and I am glad that I did because he has a 10. When I am low on Bank roll I am more likely to take that even money

  2. I disagree about the memory. If the cards come out then the deck composition is changed so the odds have to, and your chance of winning.

  3. The bit about other players misplaying their hands is 100% true. Believing otherwise is to believe that all the cards in the [shuffled and cut] shoe are lined up perfectly to account for the exact number of players/hands to all be executing perfect basic strategy. Ludicrous!

  4. disagree with rejecting even money. It really depends on your bet. If you have a 100$ bet id take even money becaues you will always win. but IF you have a $5 bet , then reject even money

  5. Re: the guy that misplays the hand. This guy is correct the deck/shoe has no memory. The thing is that if I am sitting at a fun table and this guy hits a 16 against a dealer 6. This throws a wet blanket over the whole scene.
    He/she does not change the odds, but it can influence the mood of the whole table, so the enjoyment of all other players is diminished. I am there for the fun, not the prospects of winning big. I don't have Raymond next to me.
    The friendly patter among fellow players falls off.
    I wish I had a kind way of shooing them off, their odds, off at the slots. For them, the odds are better.

  6. Against an ace I'm taking even money every time. I don't care what the basic strategy says, that's double money in hand

  7. This demonstrates what I call the "mathematical prudence disconnect." I know what this expert is saying is correct, but I can't help but rely on positive past results, that is to say wins gained via a flawed betting "strategy," if such a thing exists. A prudent person would recognize that no result, win or loss, is "due" in the game of Blackjack or in any game I can think of.

    I consider myself to be logical in my thinking, yet these weird schemes that run contrary to common sense have produced practically all my wins in Blackjack. I sit at a table where the limits are very far apart. Min bet $100, Max bet $7,500. I'll do that stupid system of betting 100, losing, betting 200, losing, betting 400, losing, until finally I bet 800 and win. Then I'll go down to 100 and get a streak of wins with a loss here and there, (offset by a subsequent 200 dollar bet and a win) and walk out up a few thousand dollars after a few 500 dollar "Hail Marys," which usually pay off. I do lose sometimes but not often.

    I understand that this isn't a winning strategy and in the long run I won't have enough to cover the run of losses I may rack up. Thus, I'm staying away from that strategy and BJ altogether until I get basic strategy fully down pat in my head (I'm certainly not toting that card around with me to the casino).

    Can this be explained by anything other than luck? I know this strategy has been debunked a thousand times over but it seemed to produce results for me for about a five year stretch and I'm waaaay up on that five years. Before anyone asks, I can't count and wouldn't if I could. I have dyscalculia which is like dyslexia for numbers. I can't add a column of single digits without using my fingers.

    I've reverted to the Shackleford "Bet on the Bank Every Time," method in Mini-Bac and it's been producing great results. I will bet on the Player if I think it's "due" (another fallacy that I'm fully aware of yet can't shake) and lo and behold that's when the switch usually occurs. If not, reverting to the Bank usually puts me back up there. When I finally bet large on the Player and get my even money I cash out.

    Thanks in advance.

  8. As far as myth #5, I understand this and lately I've been hitting my 2s, but MOST of the time…I DO get that loveing face card and bust! Depending on the other players at the table, I will sometimes hit it. When I'm alone, I almost always hit it unless the count is high.

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