The Seven Worst Rules For Blackjack Players

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Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide book, interview blackjack expert, Henry Tamburin, about the seven worst rules to avoid when deciding where to play blackjack. Henry discusses each rule and explains how the use of each particular rule affects the casino’s mathematical edge in the game of blackjack.

Here are the time codes for the video:

00:00 Introduction
3:04 1st rule (blackjack only pays 6-to-5)
5:10 2nd rule (dealer hits soft 17)
6:15 3rd rule (no doubling allowed after splitting)
8:35 4th rule (doubling down not allowed on any two cards)
10:27 5th rule (surrender not allowed)
12:10 6th rule (no re-splitting of aces allowed)
12:57 7th rule (continuous shuffling machine used)

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The Seven Worst Rules For Blackjack Players

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