Sam D’s Roulette Strategy: Episode 9 When a dealer changes their pattern!

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What is the best roulette strategy? We are here to help you find out. In our opinion, the best roulette strategy is where we are betting on the roulette wheel, In other words, neighbours betting. We use roulette software from:

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0:00 Introduction
0:38 Area Key Tutorial – Learn the basics of using the area key in a roulette session
4:42 Roulette Game Play – This is where the roulette session begins

Most people go out and look to make a big win on roulette, however it is much better to consistently win roulette over the long haul.

So what makes a good roulette strategy and what should you look for?

First of all you need to decide whether you are playing online roulette or in a casino. In either case, you should only play European roulette which is single zero roulette as your odds of winning are much higher.

A good roulette winning strategy means it is a roulette strategy that works. Please keep in mind that most roulette strategies work some of the time. The best winning systems are the ones that work more often than not.

So if you are looking at how to play roulette to win, you need to accept the occasional losses, you just don’t want to many of them.

We typically choose live dealers when we play roulette as we can find patterns with certain live dealers. There are some auto roulette strategies that work, but if you are wanting to win at roulette consistently, I recommend that you avoid auto roulette and RNG roulette which stands for random number generator.

We hope you enjoy this online roulette session and enjoy the betting system used in this video. Remember making money online from gambling is possible but you should only ever play with what you can afford to lose.

This video is intended for entertainment purposes, you cannot think of gambling as a job and you can’t think that this roulette system is going to work 100% every single time: is important to gamble responsibly.

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Sam D’s Roulette Strategy: Episode 9   When a dealer changes their pattern!

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  2. You said something that is up for question in my case ,you said that there is no science in betting red black. ,odd even etc ,and I have to say that you are so wrong in that statement ,the thing is that you have never study the color like I have ,the most amount of strategies are built in red black etc , i normally uses a bankroll of $1000 and can double that said bankroll in exactly five hours Playing every single spin ,80 spins per hour using a starting bet of $2.50 with eight or nine progression .so I believe that once you developed the eye for patterns you will see them where other will fail .I have great strategies that I play but I am now investing in my computer skills in order to monetize it ,but nice videos like always

  3. Great tutorial, just become a member for a month now so I will let you know my progress by the end of the month.
    Keep up the great work by the way as these are really good videos your coming out with.
    Much appreciated and respect 🙂

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