How to Analyze Your Poker Hands in 2021 | GTO ANALYSIS #03

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00:00​ Intro
00:18​ Hand replay
02:53​ Hand analysis
16:45 How to analyze hands
21:00​ Outro

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How to Analyze Your Poker Hands in 2021 | GTO ANALYSIS #03

10 thoughts on “How to Analyze Your Poker Hands in 2021 | GTO ANALYSIS #03

  1. To follow up on this video's title, we talk about it at 16:45. Also, this Sunday, 4th April at 1 PM Central time, there will be a live call with an analysis of your hands in our Discord. Anyone can join! So if you want your hands to get analyzed by MoneyJ2K and learn something new, this is something you can't miss out on! Join the Discord here:​

  2. Are these got ranges or how do you come up with them since you won’t know exactly what your opponents range is gonna look like

  3. Maybe I’m wrong but I also think a big factor in why you don’t bet the a4 of spades on turn and instead bet air is because your in position with quite low spr on a double flush draw board which means your opponent can shove quite a lot which means you don’t get to realize the equity of the gutshot while if you bet a total airball and the airball didn’t have equity either way.

  4. The point you made in the last 5 minutes of this video is incredibly informative. I'm def not asking enough questions on why the solver prefers certain actions/combos and don't really end up taking away much from it at all. It's as if my line of thought just goes: Oh I guess my range is supposed to look this this… Interesting. And I move on. Thx for bringing that to my attention. Your software is great value btw.

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