We’re BACK Baby Lets gooo !!! (Non-Sponsored) (18+)

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We’re BACK Baby Lets gooo !!!  (Non-Sponsored) (18+)

10 thoughts on “We’re BACK Baby Lets gooo !!! (Non-Sponsored) (18+)

  1. okay , listening back , i deff need to turn EVERYTHING up…you can hear things but it shouldnt be this hard to lol , sry yall .. next time ill have everything turned up way more

  2. Kyle can you please explain your logic with standing on 16 vs 7. Out of all the non bust cards, 7 is statistically the worst card to stand on 16 against.

  3. u say nothing when people hit bad but makes u win the hand…. and u tilt so much when they hit bad but u loose the hand

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