What the Gambling Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know | Informer

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A former employee for one of the biggest betting companies reveals the major flaws in the industry, from gambling addictions to money laundering. With over ten years of experience in betting, he has seen just how much the algorithms and systems are designed to encourage losers to lose more, and winners to stop winning. He describes how management has little care for customers, particularly when it comes to losing it all.

Informer is a series where we hear the anonymized confessions and insights of people on the inside of different industries, institutions and events.

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What the Gambling Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know | Informer

10 thoughts on “What the Gambling Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know | Informer

  1. WATCH NEXT: ''I Buried Thousands in Secret Mass Graves'' | Informer – https://youtu.be/lmmsLJhrmPE

  2. This isn’t rotten it’s how every business works. They look to exploit to maximize profit. Acting like this is some scary thing is stupid.

  3. There is actually one way of wining that is match fixing. All i want to say is if you don't know any info about a match u wanna bet, sont go close to that match

  4. this guy is fake. a person claiming to be in the industry for years, yet he cannot differentiate between gambling and sports betting. gambling in casinos is sth, sports betting is another completely different thing. i have been doing sports betting for over 3 years so far as my full time job and my only and main source of income. i am totally satisfied with this. i mean there are no working hours set for you, no bosses, no austerity, no tax, no bills, no extra costs, not a single problem of the traditional jobs and markets. you will wonder if i told you that i live in Iran, in which it is even more difficult than most countries to do bussiness. besides i earn in dollar not the loveing Rial. this has been the greatest achivement of my life even better than university degree or other stories of success of mine. i am way ahead of my same age guys who do traditional bussiness. in 3 years, i have earned an equivalant of more than 30 years of income e.g my dad who is a retired banker after 30 years. these are just bullbad the media just says. what is true in the media today so that this one be so. sports betting is a great discipline believe me. of course more than 90% of the people are losers and it is no surprise to see these comments. because they did not understand the topic and do it wrong. of course bookies want losers they want profit. they are not charities to give people free money. only few percent win and they are proffessionals. indeed me and winners like me, get the money that you poor people loose. betting is the best thing in my life that has brought the real change and happiness.

  5. i even do drugs daily, i am an addict. for an addict like me who can not work like normal people every day, who is always awake at nights, who is a junkie doing nothing but drugs, sports betting is a miracle. without it i cannot even get the money for 1 day of my habbit. with sports betting, i earn the money for my daily drugs and even save more money than other healthy people. i am never short of money. easy money. i do not more than 3 hours at most daily sports betting. conseqently i earn the money for drugs, shopping and whatever i like to buy or do that even a healthy hard working person struggles to do or buy like me. sports betting is great for a person who believes in himself and has patience and the most important thing, intelligence and iq.

  6. The only way to gamble and enjoy yourself is "illegally".. even though all the pro sports are rigged there is still a winner.. a winning wager. You just have to pick it.. plus.. on a local level with your local bookie.. you can and do meet him face to face .. you can go drinking partying golfing with them and you cannot bet millions of dollars.. greed plays the lead roll on both sides of betting.. greed destroys families. Not the wager.. and for the holier than thou group.. bingo is gambling as well. The main point is.. BE A FUKIN ADULT!! I'm an avid gambler.. not big money but I love to do it. Tennis mostly.. and college football.. never bet the side on NFL games.. play over unders or moneyline underdogs.. don't ever bet on your favorite team or against your hated team. Have fun and Pay The Rent First!! Then you and the rest of your bastiges can gahmble!

  7. For perspective regarding Tribal casinos, It's not a whole lot different from when European and Conquistador cultures came to the New World, and forced unsuspecting/Illiterate tribal leaders to sign documents in a language that they didn't understand in order to "legally" force them onto reservation lands that were a fraction of the size and had a fraction of the viability of their traditional homelands.

    All of this after literally decimating 90% or more of the North American Tribal heritage that walked the continent prior to the arrival of European and Spanish cultures.

    Again, this is really just relevant for Tribally owned and operated Casinos.

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