Perfect Poker Face

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Maria Ho and Nick Wright in Poker After Dark Season 13!
Can her bluff go through?!

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Perfect Poker Face

10 thoughts on “Perfect Poker Face

  1. She had a poker tell before the doctor sliced and diced it all up… she was beautiful and soft, now she looks like a 52 year old Asian with plastic surgery

  2. When young chicks get plastic surgery, they look like old chicks who got plastic surgery to look young

  3. I too will get Botox for that perfect poker face. With my luck I’d be drooling and look like Dwight Shrute.

  4. If her betting was consistent with AK or Spades that had equity on the flop then it’s not that crazy a fold.

    Given her GTO skills, she most likely knew pre flop that to win she had to rep and commit to 3 streets when he’s playing cautiously and will over-fold.

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