3-2 Press & Collect! Best System Ever?!? – Blackjack Systems Review

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3-2 Press & Collect! Best System Ever?!? – Blackjack Systems Review

Today, we review a systems submitted by one of our fans! Thank you for the submission!!

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3-2 Press & Collect! Best System Ever?!? – Blackjack Systems Review

10 thoughts on “3-2 Press & Collect! Best System Ever?!? – Blackjack Systems Review

  1. I'm coming out to Vegas on 11-10 to 11-12. Are you guys free to set up the B.J table for the challenge.
    I dont have F.B so i wasnt sure where to message you guy's.
    Great video as always- see you guys soon

  2. Thanks for playing the 3-2 system! Basically, the idea is a more measured, semi-power press where you collect every few steps so it's not an all or nothing progression. But like any pressing system, you need to hit some streaks to make some good money.

    Start with 1 unit, press three times, collect on fourth. Continue with same bet, press two times, collect on third. Continue this press two and collect as far as you can.

    I usually don't play on a $5 or $10 table so on a $25 table I'll just make it a press 2 and collect right away from the beginning (skipping the initial press 3 step).

    BTW – I'm trying to get my company to send me out to LV for the reInvent conference in December. Hopefully I'll get to see you guys then!

  3. I like the system's idea. As a grinder/flat better, this is about as aggressive as I'd get.
    Or Collect first, then press half (assuming 10 min.) Continue pressing half the same way, then collect after 3 wins.

  4. 6:25 Timmy paid you for a push btw lmao and Alex just something I wanted to throw out there. The chips you use are nice and all but I'm assuming some new viewers dont know the value of the red chips green and ext. There is this website I use that I bought 13.5 gram clay chips that are marked from $1 to $10,000 on them. I use them for my blackjack table. Extremely affordable 100 set is $2.50 it's called discount poker shop. It would help new viewers with the betting system better. No I dont work for them and I'm not trying to sell anything I just think it would help out the channel clear some confusion for the new people starting out. Great videos as always keep up the great work

  5. loved this video, hope you enjoyed your trip Allan! I have a question guys. I was at the casino tonight and it was getting late, the dealer had 17 and the player beside me who is my buddy also had 17. the dealer payed him, and he realized that it was a push but didn’t say anything. Am I supposed to be a Good Samaritan and say something or let the casino realize their mistake later on footage?

  6. Hello Alex, i plan to go to vegas in a couple months and i love playing blackjack with the side bet "match the dealer" if you know on the top of your head which casinos in vegas have that it would be very helpful to me… thanks

  7. Another cool vid…always luv the reviews, like to see this one on the shoe at some point…as far as Black Friday, went once shopping with the wife…NEVER AGAIN. Found the isle where all the other husbands were and watched women coming and going as fast as the could go back and forth bringing in items they scavenged off the shelves or from someone not looking…You will find me at Casino Quest honey…🤪

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