Aggressive low roller craps betting strategy $120

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Aggressive Low Roller Craps Betting Strategy $120 is the first of a 3 part video series showing 3 types of craps betting styles for a $120 bankroll. These 3 strategies can be found on the Crapfest website listed below. For this video I show the aggressive play which starts with a $6 bet on the 6 and 8. First hit, collect. Second hit, press to $12 each. Third hit, collect. Fourth hit, place the 5 and 9 for $5 each. Each additional hit on any of the inside numbers, alternate between collecting and pressing the numbers up one unit.

Heavy’s $120 Bankroll Strategy

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Aggressive low roller craps betting strategy $120

10 thoughts on “Aggressive low roller craps betting strategy $120

  1. Hey strategy idea: all numbers and all hard ways $5 min table. So $5 on all bets except $6 on 6 & 8. So that’s $5 on all hard ways, total $52 on the table.
    Good luck on your rolls!

  2. I like this strategy. Fun, good amount of action but minimal house edge. I also like that you could, with a larger bank roll, perhaps couple this with a 3-point Molly or 3-point don’t.

  3. Regarding working on the come-out roll. I think Mark DeVol at You Can Bet On That podcast has the right approach. While mathematically, it makes no difference, having your bets off on the come out lowers your exposure on a negative EV game. Depending on your goals i.e. long play session (entertainment and drinks) or short hit and run, you can work them or not.

    To me this is why craps is personally more enjoyable than say blackjack. Many options. I can not personally play any way except basic strategy on BJ, and at that point it is fairly robotic for me and becomes boring quickly.

  4. Quick question…all of your videos, you just roll the dice. When you play on live tables, do you set your dice? If so, what's your preferred dice set?

  5. Working on a way to use the Hop Bet as a hedge against the NO 4 or 10. Is there any free online casinos I can use to get limited tesingt on what I want to do? Will post details of how it works.

  6. Hi Color Up,

    I've been loving the videos! I especially like that you've been displaying the numbers rolled and the bank roll on screen at all times. It really helps keep track of everything.

    I have one small suggestion that I feel would make things even easier to follow. Split the number up at the top right between the current bank roll and the current amount bet. Something like this:

    Bank: $108
    Bet: $12

    With both numbers being adjusted on the fly as you decide to press/pull or take your profit.

    I'm not sure if that's a good idea, or if it's even feasible from a time standpoint, but I personally feel like it'd help me keep better track of what's going on, as a new and inexperienced player.

    Thanks for the awesome videos!

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