Be Awesome at Everything – Craps w/ Jeremy from Color Up

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Be Awesome at Everything – Craps with Jeremy from Color Up

Learn different Craps strategies with Jeremy’s videos at Color Up. You can even submit strategies you have heard of or that you made your own and Jeremy will post a video about it and show you how it can work at your Casino.

Be sure to check out for more info.

Jeremy talks about:
5:30 His production company
7:30 Iron Cross
12:39 Connecting with viewers
16:45 Brand Building
19:06 Elf on a Shelf
21:30 Haters and how to deal with them
29:00 Where he is going with this endeavor

Learn the game we love, and don’t be afraid of the craps table.

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Be Awesome at Everything – Craps w/ Jeremy from Color Up

7 thoughts on “Be Awesome at Everything – Craps w/ Jeremy from Color Up

  1. Be sure to check out Jeremy's YouTube channel right here
    Color Up –

  2. I just make them for myself, I like to see ppl that are real ppl not trying to sell any junk. Color up is the real deal

  3. Enjoyed the podcast! It cracks me up that you play the don't pass on everybody else. I am fine with that and why not it has the most chances to come up.
    I don't know why people freak out about it lol.
    I personally like to play the 22 inside with a $10 don't pass when I roll. I feel most comfortable with this betting strategy (at least right now lol). I feel like this gives me a good chance to win with a small bank roll.
    I don't normally play the don't on any other shooter but then again I very rarely bet when other people shoot. If I decide to play on other shooters I will usually play the ATS with a minimum pass line bet.
    Of course no matter what betting method you choose, if you are throwing a seven right away it will not work
    Thanks for the video.
    Have a great day!!!

  4. love his channel ….simple crap strategy without dice sets see how concepts work…..some crazy some smart

  5. I think Jeremy is very classy with the the way he handles the nasty or negative comments. Everyone has their own opinions and he has so many more of the good comments than bad that shows he is doing something right. Thanks for the interview.

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