Best Low Roller Craps System

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Best Low Roller Craps System is a craps strategy using a pass line bet and then placing either 3, 2, or 1x odds on the point depending on the number. This craps strategy is called the 3-2-1 craps strategy. The strategy also calls for placing the remaining inside numbers that are not covered after the point is established. If after a couple place wins the point has not been hit, you turn your place bets off and wait for either the point to hit or 7 out.

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Best Low Roller Craps System

10 thoughts on “Best Low Roller Craps System

  1. Just because I'm a low baller, I'm going to say that color up was my intro to craps. I said, "ok Google, how do I play craps?" I was sent here. I watched the iron cross, tried it, won $360 on a $100 br. Since then, I've learned more, watched a lot of his videos, and won a lot on them. While personally, I think he's not a shooter, he's got good money management skills, and really does play the strats as close as possible. He's won me more than I've lost, and I'm grateful for his education!

  2. Easy to follow for a newbie like me. I like it. Could have used it today at Delaware Park the way the inside numbers were hitting.

  3. Color Up I like your Craps videos. Very fun, entertaining, and informative.
    The problem with this strategy that I can see is this…. You're risking way too much money out there on the table. You got the pass line bet, odds bet, and place numbers. If a 7 comes out too early, you've just lot quite a bit of money.
    If for example a point of 6 is established, then we do 3X odds. Then we add place bets on 5, 8, and 9. That's $36 total. We'd have to hit on our place bets in order to make any profit. If a 7 shows, you'll be losing money.
    The one thing I do agree with the strategy is, betting 3X on 6 8, 2X on 5 9, and 1X on 4 10. Obviously certain numbers like 6 8 are more likely to show, so we should try to take advantage of that.
    I personally would follow the strategy on odds, but not risk so much on the table. Since 7 shows up more than any other number, risking too much on the table at one time would just be waiting for disaster to strike.

  4. WOW! From 17:20 – 19:05 every roll hit the field. If you put down $10 on the field and pressed each of the eleven rolls, you would have won $20,480! Yeah, I know, you never know when the streak is going to start, or end. And that’s why they have table limits. Great vids. Keep it up!

  5. Great video, this is the best run I've seen from you LOL. I'm trying it on the $10 table tonight, Thanks

  6. CU, love your videos! Make craps so much more understanding, and provides strategies like this that a regular schmoe like me can actually use! Thanks.

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