craps 4 to 1 any 7

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Craps 4 to 1 any 7. Do you love to play craps, and are looking for a craps strategy to win? Many casinos tell you that the 4 to 1 any seven bet is the worst bet on the table, and that is actually because they don’t want you to make this bet. If you implement a craps 4 four to one any 7 algorithm you can make good money fast! The 4 to 1 any seven bet is actually a good bet to make when you implement an algorithm on it. Check out this video about the 4 to 1 any 7 bet, and watch as I implement my algorithm on the craps any seven. This is a very good craps strategy. One of my best craps strategies. Use my best craps strategy to win! And tell all of your friends how to make money playing craps, so they can use my best craps strategy to win. Also you might want to check out my other system that I talk about…

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craps 4 to 1 any 7

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  1. If you know how to play w the odds, you can make money. The fact that they give you 4-1, and the seven has the most number of chances to win is in your favor but only if you keep compounding your bets to get the odds they give you.. if you add 2x more than your org bet, you only get 2-1 odds etc…. but just keep betting 4x till 7 hits and you will cover all your bets and make profit..

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