10 thoughts on “CRAPS! 6,7,8 Play and Concepts for the Strategy.

  1. wow…great vid wmt…..loved it………….good stuff my man so glad you finally got off that AB 10 nonsense from yester year……….your finally starting ''to see the light'' my boy a good thing…………i remember the days where you were promoting the AB10 and 36 full press'' blender strats'' on a daily basis.. worried me, truly did ………… i''d write you and you 'd rebuff me…. not any more ………… your becoming a DGE guy slowly with these new strats , i can feel it ……………..EXCELLENT i am DDP1

  2. Jacob, do you play for comps? I'm sure that you're betting amount would get you some nice comps.

  3. Thanks well done. My tweaks…in rack 4 greens followed by 5 reds, etc for instant count at any time. Predominately was not profitable when don’t was set with 6 or 8, thus whenever a 6/8 point hit place against that point to ensure a win and continue with Don’t Come (can’t do this on a bubble as place bets not allowed on top of Don’ts, there’s a reason why that is so). Glad you did not hedge with 11 as usual, as my tally is you overall are down when you hedge, I do watch your videos and keep track of that and have mentioned, you never reply though.

  4. I like this. I've been playing the Hedgeless Horseman, but I don't really like how the come bets lock you in. I prefer the flexibility of being able to turn bets off. Cheers and a sub.

  5. The strategy is sound, I played on a simulator, GRANTED NOT SAME but, I just wanted to test it and it worked. However, lots of people say that if you bet against the shooter (don't pass line) people start to get pissed at you. Is that something that you should be worried about?? What are your thoughts on the matter

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