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10 thoughts on “SIDEMEN $5,000 POKER TOURNAMENT!

  1. Not sure why tobi kept saying to play the game properly.. you can bet on pre flop thats why its in the game lmao.. if you thinj you have the better cards preflop why wouldnt you bet to take the antes, small blind and big blind

  2. Josh constantly folding on one card straights and Tobi folding with a full house in hand is the stuff of nightmares

  3. Fam I watched this about 2 weeks ago when I knew absolutely nothing about poker. Went to learn a bit and now I can at least follow.
    I can confirm that this does indeed get intense.😳

  4. I'm shocked this is TWO years ago. I thought it was a few months ago at most. At this time I hadn't even started college and now I finished it I can't believe it. Don't waste your time guys.

  5. Who else would like to see this IRL? I mean the idea is there and just having a awesome setup, good kamera angels. It would be a great sidemen sunday. Maybe even add som forfeits or something.

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