Baccarat ..The Chop System By Gambling Chi ….9/8/2022

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WOW !!! Live play for REAL $$$ started out NOT GOOD !! Then Boom went GREAT !! However Practice play was EXTREMLY BRUTAL … Yea The Chop System is best for a Casino that cuts the Shoe in half ..Not where I Practice. but the session showed that with enough TIME and PATEINCE ..There is really no hole that I can’t climb out of given a sufficient Bankroll and proper unit base bet .. CHEERS !!

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Baccarat ..The Chop System By Gambling Chi ….9/8/2022

2 thoughts on “Baccarat ..The Chop System By Gambling Chi ….9/8/2022

  1. chi my man. how are you sir? i missed you sir. happy to see you again. chi one thing i honestly can not understand and that thing is that christopher always says: it is against youtube to say where he plays while clearly I can see where you play and NO PROBLEM. I of course can guess why he say so. HEEEEEMMMMM. You know what I mean. do not get me wrong. I like him but why he say so????? is this casino in latin america?

  2. Hi Chi, have you ever played the Star 2.0 money management system from Mister Rafael? As long as you win back to back hands you will always be in profit

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