Craps Basic Betting

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Check out this video for some basic betting strategies for the beginning craps player.

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Craps Basic Betting

9 thoughts on “Craps Basic Betting

  1. What ever you unit size bet is. Say you are a $10.00 bettor. A 2 unit bet would be $20.00. A $10.00 pass line bet with $20.00 odds bet. Hope this will help you.

    Dice Coach

  2. fire bets? yes or no my casino is 1-100$ fire ive never hit it but most people i see play 5$ on it all the time

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  4. video is for basic player? ho do I in a pass bet? hat does that mean? and the bet behind the pass? this explains nothing to a beginner player

  5. I came for basics…like I just got off a spaceship on a distant planet and walked up to this strange table and have no idea what it is.  Still lost…on to another video

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