Craps Hedge Strategy

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More information to come a little later … this video shows you my first two steps to my casino craps hedge strategy.

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Conservative Casino Craps Hedge Strategy

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Craps Hedge Strategy

10 thoughts on “Craps Hedge Strategy

  1. hedge an "any7" with a field bet. 6 ways to win 3-1, 16 ways to break even and 14 ways to lose.

    pair it with a straight or super martingale and you have yourself an advantageous negative progression system with hedges at 11/7 in your favor on every roll of the dice. (5, 6, 8 effs you up)

  2. or maybe bet 6 on the don't then place the point number after the comeout roll. that's impossible to lose after you get there, right? either win or push on the don't and win on the pass. perfect hedge.

    both of those right off the top of my head after seeing this video. hedging is funner when you keep it simple.

  3. Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, get ready for your pockets to get vacuumed out real good! We'll even get the lint!!

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