Craps Betting Strategy – Pass Line & Come – Beginner

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This video covers a craps betting strategy for the pass line and come. This strategy is part of my craps for beginners series. It covers the pass line and come bets as well as a basic overview of dice probablities and odds.

Live Roll starts at 05:24

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Craps Betting Strategy – Pass Line & Come – Beginner

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – Pass Line & Come – Beginner

  1. @ 20:26 he was suppose to make another come bet.  Instead he has the point #9 and the #5 come bet and then continues with only two numbers working:  the point and one come bet..   where is the second come bet?

  2. I'm thinking that it would be clearer to everyone if INITIALLY we're told that the "Come" bet is just like the "Pass Line" bet ( 2,3 or 12 looses and 7 or 11 wins – just like the pass line bet started.)  The "Come" bet is said to be a new "COME OUT" roll for that "Come" bet.  Also, I'd advise to make odds bets at LEAST 2 times the straight bet to further reduce the House advantage.  But maybe taking odds is for another video.

  3. Astrosjer:  The thing about a come bet having to be 'hit' twice to payoff may have some merit.  However, a placed bet hits once and the casino returns only the winnings and lets the bet 'ride', often.  You have to ask for ALL of your bet back.  So…. if it's left to 'ride' then you have to hit that place bet again (twice) and on and on.  ALL of a come bet is returned to you every time you 'hit' it (your original bet plus odds plus winnings).

  4. it seems like the pass line bet wins more often then the come bet Why is that i'm not the only one that says that

  5. Great video – extremely educational and helpful.

    However, why do you let point affect whether or not you play the COME bet? You say it's an "independent" game, so the point shouldn't affect the result of your COME bet. The chances of rolling the 7 are the same regardless of the point, and hitting the point before the 7 doesn't win the COME bet – it just establishes the "point" of that COME bet.

  6. I guess I would like your input on my strategy. 5.00 pass line, (point gets established say 4). I do double odds on my pass line, $5.00 come bet but then I do a $1.00 C&E to hedge my come, Say a 5. Once again, $5.00 come bet $1.00 C&E say 6 is rolled. Now I have 2 working numbers. a pass line and that's where I leave it. By the way I do double odds on my working numbers.. Does this make sense to go through the come or just place bet and forget the come altogether.

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