Craps Dice Controlled Throw

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My first Craps dice controlled throw video practice session with slow motion dice impacts. More to come and thanks for watching!!

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Craps Dice Controlled Throw

10 thoughts on “Craps Dice Controlled Throw

  1. No way for this way of practice to be affective, you need the pyramid wall for accurate dice response. You will truly hurt your tosses this way.

  2. I realize this isn't as accurate as a true practice rig. It's more for developing the throw and release to get the dice to land together. For an accurate evaluation of your throw, a felt table with the pyramids is the best way to go. But for a cheap practice rig, a box works alright.

  3. I'll try and post a video soon showing the full throw/release. Still saving up to build a practice rig with the pyramids.

  4. Saving Up 20 minutes at the table for a player can buy a real table. Do You Need Some Inside Tips ?

  5. How long have you been setting dice, and controlled shooting. Then the real question how are you doing in the casino. What kind of a betting system do you use

  6. Only one dice has to hit the back wall, both have to cross the center point of the table

  7. Nice idea for practicing your throw. How far are you throwing from? Can you possibly show the throw as it leaves your hand?

  8. I have a practice rig for sale:

  9. Dice control works, and dice setting, but buy a good felt mat and rubber wall, and you will get real results, just like a pitcher practices in the bullpen.

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