How to win $1000 – craps betting strategy

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How to win $1000 is a craps betting strategy using the hardway bets in casino craps. It is a craps parlay strategy called the hardway parlay. In this craps betting strategy you parlay a $1 bet 2 times. After the first hit you have $10, after second hit, you have $100, with one final hit on the hardway you will turn $1 into $1000. This is a low probability bet but it can be fun.

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How to win $1000 – craps betting strategy

10 thoughts on “How to win $1000 – craps betting strategy

  1. I made a "Hard Eight" T-shirt for myself, want one too? Available on Amazon

  2. For everyone saying this is impossible. No, it’s just highly unlikely as he clearly describes. Believe me or don’t, I don’t care, but on my home practice table I did this twice in the last two days (I threw around 300 times total in the two practice sessions). I threw 4 hard 6s before a 7 or easy 6 and yesterday I threw 4 hard 10s before a 7 and an easy 10. With that said I would never do this (sober) with real money lol. I might parlay it the first time but after the 2nd win not a chance.

  3. this strategy just made me consider betting the hardways and parlaying them up to a $100 except collecting half the winnings. So many times ive seen two hardway 6s or hardway 8s come through back to back. And its funny, two hardway numbers show up and the whole table starts throwing out bets. Thanks for the video CU.

  4. I play the hard ways all the time and WIN! I play $40 Hardways and $10 4&10 and $12 6&8, this strategy covers the easy 4,10,6 and 8, it works really well if you're like me a shooter. I'm very lucky when shooting the dice, hard way set of course, 4/2, 4/2. Good Luck!

  5. I’ve once rolled a hard 8 8 times in a row. If I knew this strategy sooner I would have been a very rich man haha. Definitely gonna try this method for fun next time!

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