Craps Strategy – Super Grip Low Roller

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Craps Strategy – Super Grip Low Roller, this is a Super Grip Throw keeping it low landing Zone at the passline and rolling the dice in or bounce in. This shot is for avoiding the Spikes when thrown correctly. You have to finess this dice control throw. This is a high level throw but it is very Dangerous when dialed in and thrown correctly.
CK Dangerous Arm Underground Craps
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Craps Strategy – Super Grip Low Roller

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – Super Grip Low Roller

  1. Welcome back Controller's!!
    A finess type of roll, but very Dangerous for sure. Look anytime you can intentionally avoid the Spikes you've got something.
    Most people don't even think like this , they think it is impossible to do what we've been showing in our latest videos cutting down intentionally hitting the Spikes on the wall.
    Of Course while avoiding the 7
    CK Dangerous Arm Underground Craps

  2. This throw is a game changer… I’m up over 40 right now on my rig. Can’t wait to try it in a live setting

  3. Hey CK. Great vids, love’m. God gave us our rights and god bless the men that died to preserve them.
    Learning to throw.

  4. Also note, B.T. "Stairway to Heaven" video. These two shots can be combined with excellent. Results.

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