Craps Table Project

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A couple friends called one day to see if I would be up to helping them build a craps table. With no real plans, we jumped all in on the project. We selected pine as the wood and designed it to be portable within a minivan. Here are the results in a short video. Enjoy!

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Craps Table Project

9 thoughts on “Craps Table Project

  1. What an awesome build. I would like to make one someday.Smart idea to make it portable .How did this take you ?

  2. Meaning full size , is it a eight, ten, or twelve footer? Plus how wide & long is the inside ? Please reply

  3. Tom could you tell me if it's a eight, ten , or twelve footer plus the inside length & width please thank you

  4. Tom, I have recently been intrigued by your design. I think it is the best one I have seen on the internet. I am not yet at the point I could build a full size but I would love to copy one half of yours if that is possible. Do you have any more pictures or information that I could have to help me get started. I would like to keep it as affordable as possible but still keep the quality. Thank you.

  5. I am about to begin my own project and this video is very helpful. I am undecided between an 8' single dealer and a 10' layout. I wonder what size your table was, I'm guessing one or the other. Now that you have built this table in this portable size, any comments as to what you would do differently? Thank you! Really appreciated!! Can you please reply to Email:

  6. Firstly, love this table. Do you have the approxamite cost? Also where did you get the felt, and what are you using underneath it?

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