Craps – The Iron Cross Bet

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This one comes closest to winning on every bet … except the last one! Years ago it was touted and sold on the internet for $10!

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Craps – The Iron Cross Bet

10 thoughts on “Craps – The Iron Cross Bet

  1. iron criss with dont pass. guarenteed to win somethig every roll. its a better feeling then watching it all go

  2. The iron cross bet  is a good strategy, but only if you establish a don't pass bet on the come out roll; you also have to hedge your dp bet with a 7 on the hop bet.

  3. And yes, if it's a ten dollar table, you have to make a ten dollar field bet; so you have to bet much more on your 5, 6, 8 place bets!

  4. This is actually an awful system long term. In the short term, you will able to almost break even, but WHEN a 7 out gets rolled, you get wiped out.

    Nothing is better than flat betting the pass/don't pass & come/don't come and backing it up with odds.

  5. So, many of you noted the disparity in the instructors' construct.
    The Iron Cross is most effective if the 5,6, & 8 are 2 units, and the Field is a single unit.
    This 'instructor' is approaching a lesson incorporating a basic error. He displayed the proper proportions in bet sizes, but failed to meet the table rule of a minimum bet. I judge this as bad news for 'instructees'.
    Here is the truth of the Iron Cross. You risk 7 units, and win 1 unit on each roll, until out. Out occurs on average every 6 rolls.
    By using the Iron Cross, you extend the house advantage to well over 10%.
    Since a basic Pass Line, no odds house advantage is only 1.42%, you have increased your expected loss rate by a factor of 7. You lose money 7x faster using an Iron Cross.

  6. This video is stupid.
    Stick to the low percentage bets – Pass, don't pass, Come and don't come with free odds and you will do fine.
    P.C 0.8%.
    Betting the Field, box numbers and the propositions bet have way to high price tag to bet on.
    And you don't need any "lessons" for that by any "gambling expert" for $500.

  7. The best way to win in craps is to bring down your bets after they've hit. Don't wait for a 7 to roll. Wait till the shooter rolls 4 or five times, if you've made money bring your bets down.

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