Craps Betting Strategy – 3 Point Don’t – Max 3,4,5x Odds

Craps Strategy Video Information:

This video covers a craps betting strategy called the 3 Point Don’t with 3-4-5x maximum odds. This strategy covers the Don’t Pass and Don’t come bets as well as adding maximum odds.

Live Roll starts at 1:29
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Craps Betting Strategy – 3 Point Don’t – Max 3,4,5x Odds

10 thoughts on “Craps Betting Strategy – 3 Point Don’t – Max 3,4,5x Odds

  1. As Jesse Newby pointed out in the comments: I made mistake in the video. Unlike odds for a "right" better, which would lose on a come out 7, the dont player odds are auto on during come out roll because it's a winner for the dont player on his established points.

  2. You didnt show us a way to lose 15 dollars. You showed us how to get a few brews at the casino for only 15 bucks

  3. why do you multiply your flat bet by 6 times on a 3x 4x 5x odds table?? Shouldn't it be just like regular pass odds?

  4. Love what you do excellent video of the table the layout everything I've been studying Craps for years I even studied the game for six months before I laid my first dollar on the table I do have a strategy I would like to tell you and let you try it out on one of your shows if you like hard to tell you my texting so you could call me or I could call you my number I live in Texas is 903-348- 4172 keep up the good work I called the the system fisherman and you're on for every roll of the dice and a bankroll a 350 at a $5 table looking forward to seeing more of your videos thank you for what you do

  5. I played this strategy for the first time last night for 3 orbits around the coldest table I've ever seen. Absolutely cleaned up. On the 4th pass I decided to shoot. I made 6 points (the 4 and the 6 3x each), and had about 12 rolls between each win hitting place $66 inside action a few times on the way. After I 7-out, the table passed the dice right back to me, and I decided to shoot again. I rolled a 5 point fire bet. I'm pretty sure everyone got back to even on my rolls because the table completely cleared out. I colored up, and donked off a little of my winnings on blackjack. If it goes right, you can crush with this strategy.

  6. Just won $500 great strat! I did strictly double odds but triple with 6/8 when playing pass and triple with 4/10 on don't. Took 3 hours

  7. Try a DP followed by a single DC and no odds except for one hedge bet – if the DP is 5,6,8,9 add enough one time odds to hedge the DC then take the odds down – I avoid the hedge odds on 4,10 as when they hit it's hard to recover. Each loss is followed by a mini progression – use this as a guide line: on a $5 minimum table increase each loss by $2 (7,9,11,13 and so forth) after each win drop back by $3 until the minimum is reached (this produces a downward drift). Once a bet is $10 or more I will also hedge with a buck on the hardway when the number is 4,6,8, or 10. I never add more money to increase my bets if my total bankroll loss reaches the buy-in of $100, if that happens I simply quit the session. So I never lose more than $100 while I have had a number of sessions winning $150 or more. This is a grind and sometimes it goes back and forth but when that seems to be happening I almost always pick a time when I am ahead to quit. I am presently ahead in both practice rolls and live casino action using this method. I have logged about 5,000 practice rolls and about a dozen casino sessions. Am I just lucky or does this method have some promise?

  8. I do this slightly different… I do offsetting pass/don't pass to reduce the 7/11 on all rolls until I have 4 numbers working. I also do the $30 odds bets as well.
    I do fairly well using this strategy, and have come out ahead on 7 of 8 trips to Vegas the past few years. It helps that my luck is cursed, and I am like a black hole that bad the luck out of nearly any table that I go up to that does not have a dice mechanic shooter that can do pretty solid dice control throwing the dice.

    You would have come out slightly ahead had you gone to 4 numbers working and pulled from your "winnings" the bet that came down because the come out roll hit the 8-point near the end of the roll.
    As I see it, that bet did not resolve, so it could have gone back into your testing fund without conflict.
    I was also wondering why you said that bet was off as well. 7's are always my friend at the table. I welcome their appearance any time they want to show up. Offsetting pass/don't pass eliminate any losses when the 7 shows.

  9. Nice of you to let the casino keep their edge on the don’t pass/don’t come.

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