Dice Sets & Dice Setting Basics – Advance Craps Learning

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Video that walks through the common sets of the dice, the tradition grip and toss, and why you may use a specific set. This video is for the more advanced player that already understands the toss and has been playing for a while but wants to understand the basic set combinations. More in depth walk throughs to come. If you are new or not subscribed already and liked this video please subscribe and hit the bell, so you don’t miss out in any future content.

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Dice Sets & Dice Setting Basics – Advance Craps Learning

3 thoughts on “Dice Sets & Dice Setting Basics – Advance Craps Learning

  1. Move it up since Jeff has his end early. For those that were already online. This is a short video, adding on to the learning series targeted to the intermediate and advanced players that understand how to play but may want to take next step with starting to dice set. Feel free to ask questions during live or put some in regular chat that I will get to and cover if we have common topics in future video releases.

  2. Big thanks to some of the recent subscribers that joined that share info: Solly, Melvyn Neijman, Ben Yeager, Analyzer Fields, Bam Bam, and Larry Ott as well as all of the subscribers that entrust me with your time. I hope to continue to provide quality content. Please drop a comment of things you like and anything you might want to see. Also join the live roll outs and engage, if you have a subscribed Crapsee then jump in and bet along side. Hope you enjoy this video.

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